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Deploying MongoDb Cluster with vRealize Automation – a how to guide.

Overview Software components in vRealize Automation allows bash/powershell scripts to be executed at various states of the software lifecycle, the states are: Install - used to initially deploy and install RPMs Configure - used to configure the software within the guest... Continue Reading →

DEVOPS FOR IT – v2.0 ! vRCS Management Pack New Package Types.

DEVOPS FOR IT - v2.0 !The latest version of the Codestream Management Pack (version 2.0) - DevOps for IT has been released. We have many new package type's added (17 actually) in this release.VMware vRealizeTM Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps... Continue Reading →

Management Pack for Code Stream – DevOps for IT is GA !

DevOps for IT EntitiesI am proud to announce that my team has taken an idea from inception and today it became a generally available product at VMware!Officially called:"vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps" BackgroundThe Software Defined Datacenter by definition... Continue Reading →

Calling CloudClient from VMware Orchestrator

Calling CloudClient from  vRO (vRealize Orchestrator)VMware's vRealize CloudClient can be easily called by Orchestrator in order to programmatically interface with the CloudClient supported plugins, ie: vRO/vRA/SRM/Codestream etc.Steps Required: 1) Create Script to call CloudClient which sets up environment variables in which... Continue Reading →

CloudClient is GA

vRealize CloudClient GA!!! Ok so not had a chance to post anything for quite some time, busy times at VMware. Chad Nale and I have been building a tool called CloudClient, being within the Management Business Unit and working with... Continue Reading →

VCAC 6.0 Release coming soon

VCAC 6.0 Release coming soonVCAC 6.0 is a new and innovative architecture, it is set to be released very soon (December 2013) and will allow VMware customers to have the ability to deploy IAAS, PAAS & XAAS (Anything as a... Continue Reading →

VCAC Product Management Feedback Survey

VCAC Product Management Feedback SurveyGreatly appreciate if you could fill out a short survey which helps our Product Management Team with new & upcoming infrastructure endpoints.Go To Survey

How to create an installer using MSBuild/CloudUtil

How to create an installer using MSBuild & VMware CloudUtil to deploy new workflows/assemblies.Whenever I develop workflows, assemblies etc against VCAC one of the first things I do is create an msbuild installer, this allows me to uninstall/install a fresh... Continue Reading →

Sample Workflow – Create User Account in ActiveDirectory

Sample Workflow - Create User Account in ActiveDirectoryThis example shows how a new Active Directory User Account can be created as part of a machine's provisioning process. For example a breakglass account etc.The solution contains the following files:ClearAsCloud.ActiveDirectory.Activities.dll - this contains... Continue Reading →

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