vCloud Automation Centre Email Template changes

Email State Configuration

Emails are sent to various people through the lifecycle of the machine process, to control the VirtualMachine States that emails are sent you can edit the ManagerService.exe.config file in the DCAC Server installation folder.

There are 2 App.Config Sections:
  • workflowEmailByStateSection – this emails machine owners
  • workflowManagerEmailByStateSection – this emails machine group managers
<workflowEmailByStateSection DaysNotificationBeforeExpire=”7″ IncludeRdpLinkAttachment=”true” MachineRequested=”false” MachineRegisterRequest=”false” MachineReprovisionRequest=”false” VdiRegister=”false” VdiUnregister=”false” EpiRegister=”false” EpiUnregister=”false” PowerOn=”false” PowerOff=”false” Shutdown=”false” Suspend=”false” Reboot=”false” Reset=”false” MachineActivated=”true” MachineDisposed=”true” FailedToProvision=”true” LeaseModified=”true” LeaseExpired=”true” LeaseExpiredPowerOff=”true” LeaseAboutToExpire=”true” ArchivePeriodExpired=”true” MachineOwnerChanged=”true” ApprovalRequired=”true” LeaseApprovalRequired=”true” LeaseApproved=”true” LeaseRejected=”true” RequestApproved=”true” RequestRejected=”true” ReclamationForcedLeaseModified=”true” ReclamationExpiredLeaseModified=”true” ReclamationReminder=”true” Reclamation=”true”/>
<workflowManagerEmailByStateSection DaysNotificationBeforeExpire=”7″ FailedToProvision=”true” LeaseExpired=”false” LeaseModified=”false” LeaseAboutToExpire=”false” MachineActivated=”false” MachineDisposed=”false” MachineOwnerChanged=”false” MachineRequested=”false” RequestApproved=”false” RequestRejected=”false”/>
The various states that are emailed can be changed (requiring a restart of VMWare vCloud Automation Center). 
net stop vmmanager
net start vmmanger

Email Content:

Email Content is managed by XSLT Templates located in the following folder:
%Install Location%\DCAC Server\Templates
Below is an example xslt snippet that can be added so that a VirtualMachine Property value can be used, in this case the value of “VirtualMachine.App.Connection” will be seen in a table:
  <xsl:if test="starts-with(Name, 'VirtualMachine.App.Connection‘)”>





            Application Connectivity: 

All XSLT Templates support html/css style sheets so can be customised as required.

Approval Email Example:

Use case:
A different message to the approver based on the Approval group name using the same xslt template file
Download here.