vCloud Automation Centre (vCAC) REST Helper API

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Binary: Download

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Please note that this will not be available in VCAC Version 6. I will blog more details about this soon.

This API is a wrapper around the  vCAC ODATA Rest Interface and uses windows integrated security for authentication, it exposes some useful methods such as group, reservation & blueprint creation.

To install, download the binaries and follow the instructions within the document. Additionally run the powershell script located in the bin directory to get the required vCAC dll’s from the server.

Example in how to create a new provisioning group:

# New Group Data
$newGroupName = “PG-” + $clientName;
$srcGroup = “Development”;

$newGroupUrl = $restBaseUrl + “/Groups?Name={0}&Source={1}&Desc={2}” -f ($newGroupName, $srcGroup, “New Group”)
NewRequest $newGroupUrl “POST”

To request a new Amazon machine (there are some additional properties required):

$grp = “Development”
$bp = “Public Cloud Blueprint”
$it = “t1.micro”

# Dcac RestHelper URI’s

$url = $restBaseUrl + “/Request?GroupName={0}&BlueprintName={1}&Props=__amazon.instanceType={2};__amazon.ebs.totalStorageRequested=0;__amazon_advancedCapabilitiesMode=false” -f ($grp, $bp, $it)

Disclaimer: This is an unsupported VMware API into VCAC.