VMware Cloud Automation Center – Email Tester App

Disclaimer: This is an unsupported (but pretty useful) interface into vCAC for various programatic tasks.

Quite often it can be useful to test the setup of email of a configured system, especially the XSLT Email Template format.

The following is a small application I have put together that uses the configuration of a vCAC Server and tests 3 areas:

1) Display the users email address
2) Display the html of the configured xslt template – both on screen and in html output.
3) Test sending an email with the configured settings

A link to the binary download can be found here

Example Usage:
c:\Program Files (x86)\DynamicOps\DCAC Server>EmailXsltTester.exe -vm:”RP-PRD-0063″ -template:”c:\Program Files (x86)\DynamicOps\DCAC Server\Templates\ApprovalRequired.xslt” -sendemail:true

Found VirtualMachine and will email user [CORP\cnldev]Current Domain [corp.local]Retrieving Email for CORP\cnldevEmailAddress Found [cnldev@rainpole.com]EmailAddress Host [rainpole.com]User has email cnldev@rainpole.com

Cascading Style Sheet<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=“table.css” title=”Style”>

[Rainpole Production] Your Approval is required

    To approve or reject this request please browse to this link       


    <td style="width:150px;”>Name















 <td style="width:150px;”>Daily Cost




Blueprint vSphere-CentOS 5.6 x86-Large
Memory(MB) 512
Cpu’s 1
Storage (GB) 5
Lease Days 90
Lease Cost $0.00</td>

Output file: C:\Users\Administrator.CORP\AppData\Local\Temp\2\approvalrequired.html

For more information about configuring email templates see my previous blog