vRealize CloudClient GA!!!

Ok so not had a chance to post anything for quite some time, busy times at VMware. Chad Nale and I have been building a tool called CloudClient, being within the Management Business Unit and working with the many product API’s we thought there had to be an easier way to simply get things done, ie: request a machine without speaking SAML/JSON. This became prevalent actually with the release of the vRealize 6.x Automation platform (still vCAC but my baby is definitely growing up, in fact they have left home found a boyfriend and rarely call home anymore ūüôā ).¬†

With the new SSO requirements of vCAC and with Cafe (Catalog Services running in the Virtual Appliance) along with WAPI and ODATA there are certainly a mix of API calls just within vCAC, then throw in VCO – our idea…lets make this simple! I am pleased to say we have taken this from a prototype stage and found a great dev team to take this on further allowing it to be moved from a Limited Availability to GENERAL AVAILABILITY.

CloudClient is a pluggable java utility that supports endpoint login, scripting, export to CSV, JSON or the default Table format across all products in a familiar manner.  Perhaps my next blog will be how to create a plugin to other systems!

CloudClient is a utility that provides verb based access to many of VMware’s Management level applications. CloudClient provides an easy to use command-line & scripting capability.
The current list of supported product plugins (with varying levels of capabilities) are vRA (vRealize Automation), vCO and SRM. CloudClient simplifies accessing & interacting with the multiple product level APIs as well as providing a common security, exception handling, json, CSV and tabular formatting, file export, auto login for scripting (password and keyfiles) and documentation.


A few examples for vCAC:

Request a Centos Blueprint, and export the result to a file

./cloudclient.sh vra catalog request submit –id “Centos (Dev)” –groupid “My Business group” –reason test –export /tmp/request.txt¬†

List Catalog Requests
./cloudclient.sh vra request list

Approve a catalog request
./cloudclient.sh vra request approve –ids 690bd9ab-5950-49d3-9d5d-890b547f52c2 –message approved¬†

Power off a machine
./cloudclient.sh vra provisioneditem action execute –id “vm-01” –action “Power Off”

…simple right !¬†
Great if you want to have this as part of a devops tools to automate the creation/teardown of machines or from a 3rd party Web portal etc.

In fact we for our own SaaS deployment of vCAC called “vRealize¬† Air Automation” about to go Beta we use all our own VMware products to deploy and manage onto our vCloud Air platform with vCAC fully scripted into Application Services (aka AppD) Blueprints and deploying to our public platform. Within the blueprints we automate the onboarding setup for our customers…using CloudClient !!

VCO Sample:

VCO is an awesome tool and VMware are continuing to invest a lot of time and effort here, this can be seen with Advanced Service Designer within vCAC and some great new features like DynamicTypes.

VCO has a very comprehensive REST api but if you just want to simply start a workflow and pass in parameters it really is quite simple ! (Why shouldnt it be right ? )

Workflow List (to get the Id’s)

./cloudclient.sh vco workflow list

Lets start a workflow:

¬†./cloudclient.sh vco workflow request –id
3c656670-cd72-49bc-9c79-831067c17d42 –inputs “name=tom;age=21;location=london”

This will return a URL: 

Get the result of the workflow

vco workflow http get –url¬†

Watch this space…CloudClient should be delivered out of band of product releases so we should get a lot cross product functionality very quickly.

Download it here

Online documentation

We have a VMware blog article here for more information: