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Setting up VCO Integration with VCAC Visual Studio Workflow Designer

Setting up VCO Integration with VCAC in Visual StudioIf you are using the Design Center tool there will be no problem with direct integration between VCO & vCAC. If however you are using the CDK Visual Studio Addin there are... Continue Reading →

Powershell Scripting from vCAC Workflows (Southbound)

Scripting from vCAC Workflows (Southbound)VCAC is really easy to setup and make 3rd party callouts at different states in the machine's lifecycle. One of the most common requests we had to implement some very specific logic around VirtualMachine naming standards.There... Continue Reading →

The State Transition Blocking Pattern.

VCAC Workflows - The State Transition Blocking Pattern.This is a high level overview of how to call custom synchronous workflows in a given machine state to allow some custom logic to be processed and block execution until a 3rd party event... Continue Reading →

Email XSLT/SMTP Test App

VMware Cloud Automation Center - Email Tester AppDisclaimer: This is an unsupported (but pretty useful) interface into vCAC for various programatic tasks.Quite often it can be useful to test the setup of email of a configured system, especially the XSLT Email Template... Continue Reading →

Simple REST Helper for vCAC

vCloud Automation Centre (vCAC) REST Helper APIBinary: Download Scripts: DownloadView 5.1 Online DocumentationBinary: Download 5.2 Online DocumentationPlease note that this will not be available in VCAC Version 6. I will blog more details about this soon.This API is a wrapper around the  vCAC ODATA... Continue Reading →

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